The VE Commercial Vehicles Limited (A Volvo Group and Eicher Motors joint venture) a renowned commercial vehicle manufacturer. The organization drives its strength from its Vision, Passion, Excellence, Innovation, Determination and Inspiration. Eicher is committed to address issues of automotive, transportation and logistics sector related to skill gap and competency.


  • There is acute shortage of competent drivers in the country, approximately 20% of commercial vehicles are idle for short supply of drivers leaving the industry faster than entering. Tough working conditions, hardship of profession, enroute harassment due to ignorance to road rules, neglect of society are a few deterrents to this profession. Situation will worsen if fresh drivers are not developed, which will affect logistic industry. Country requires 50.69 lac drivers by 2022.
  • India has a serious issue of unsafe roads, country witnesses approximately 1.4 lac road fatalities and over 5 lac accidents every year, leading to enormous social and economic sufferings. Driver's error accounts for 78% for such mishaps. The situation demands professionally managed training infrastructure in country to ensure competency building among drivers.
  • India is a vibrant economy and largest democracy. India is world's largest manufacturer of motorcycles, 3rd largest in small passenger cars, 2nd largest in two wheeler, 4th largest in tractor and 5th largest in commercial vehicle manufacturing. Growth of Automotive industry attribute to: Increase in income level of people, enhancement in purchase power, Easy finance options, better affordability, Emergence of 2 tier cities, early replacement of cars due to attractive exchange facilities, gradual shifting to higher segment and Emerging 2 vehicles per family concept.
    New trend in vehicle technology i.e. increase in electronic contents, complicated engine design, hybrid technology, usage of plastic as replacement of metal, Regulation trends (emission, crashworthiness, SRS, airbags, stability & control system, Driver assist system), usage of IT, fuel economy, Vehicle inspection & maintenance, production trends, demand skilled manpower with essential competencies for specific job roles.
  • As per Automotive mission plan (2016- 26), Indian automotive sector will be among the top three of the world by 2026. The sector will contribute over 12% in GDP and generate an additional 65 million jobs. This opportunity is significant in the back drop of:


    - Demographic advantage: India is one of the youngest nations with a median age of 27 years in comparison with the advanced economies, with its unique advantage of having high proportion of working age group (63% in 2013) which is expected to increase to 65.9% of the total population by 2022. This will facilitate the country to reap the benefit of a 'demographic dividend' by harnessing through competence building and investment in human capital to meet the requirements of job opportunities in our rapidly growing economy and also to meet the aspirations of youth.

    - Human Capital: High proportion of school-dropouts (nearly 82%) at various stages and huge informal workforceneed appropriate vocational training to convert its advantage into talent pool, which will lead India to be human resource capital of the world. Industry is already facing acute shortage of competent manpower.


    With above back drop, Eicher has initiated following programs under its Corporate Social Responsibility endeavors:

    The automotive industry is one of the key drivers of the Indian economy. Auto industry generates direct employment of 30 to 40 % (manpower for automobile & component manufacturing) and indirect employment of 60 to 70 % (manpower for enabling industries i.e. Vehicle dealers, Finance & insurance companies, Service stations, Private garages, Spares part distributors, Drivers & helpers. The quality of personnel (knowledge & skills) coming out of institutions does not match to the current needs of Industry. Skill gaps to be bridged.

    VE Commercial Vehicles Limited, under its CSR has designed the program to meet this critical gap. This focused initiative to address the growing scarcity of technologically skilled manpower makes VE Commercial Vehicles Limited, a pioneering Commercial manufacturer to have taken the lead in addressing this issue. The organization is establishing training centers across India on an Industry-Institute collaborative model. With the setting up of these centers, the company would be implementing a critical action point of the automotive mission plan 2016 - 2026.

    Out of total manpower required in automobile industry 65% are workmen or technicians, for which required qualification is either ITI or high school. Rate of school dropouts in India is very high (approximately 82%), therefore skilling the school dropouts and certifying them for a particular skillset will enhance their employability.

    Till date, VE Commercial Vehicles has established nine such centers, as under.

    Location Institution tie-up
    Ahmedabd ITI Kubernagar
    Mysore National Institute Of Engineering
    Mohali Rayat-Bahra Education Group
    Kolkata MCKV Institute of Engineering
    Dehradun ITI Dehradun
    Kottayam Amal Jyothi College of Engineering
    Coimbatore Ramkrishna Mission Vidyalaya Industrial Training Centre
    Vijaywada PSC Bose Memorial Trust
    Paralekhamandi (Odisha) Centurion University of Technology and Management.


    The driving objective of this collaboration is to provide an understanding of the latest automobile technology and modern manufacturing techniques to the students who can be readily absorbed in the industry with minimum orientation and on the job training.

    The training centers are equipped with modern training aids like dynamic cut section models, wall charts, practice units and technical publications, which are both comprehensive and pictorial covering most scientific way of repair maintenance and overhauling of Commercial Vehicles.

    Glimpse of Eicher's State-of-Art Automobile Technology Labs:



    Eicher Technical Training Programme (ETTP)

    VE Commercial Vehicles Limited, conceptualized special training programmes for ITI Students and school drop outs, called "Eicher Technical Training Programme" (ETTP) as part of the Industry-Academia Collaborative model. This programme provides an understanding of modern automobile technology, scientific way of repair and maintenance, overhaul of commercial vehicle and Customer Service Management to the students. This aspect is critical in today's market, particularly with the advent of new generation commercial vehicles and manufacturing techniques. Institution adopts ETTP in the normal curriculum, students study ETTP in addition to the second year ITI syllabus.



    Auto technician training for school drop-outs

    VECV is committed to the cause of developing competency among youth in automotive sector in every possible way to enhance their employability and sustainable livelihood. During one of the meetings of our CEO with Honorable Minister of Industries, Sports and Youth welfare, Mrs. Yashodhara Raje Scindhia, growth in Automotive sector, challenges and need for CSR initiatives towards skill development in this sector, were discussed. There is also high school drop-outs rate in the State which needs to be productively engaged in the larger interest of society. It was decided to setup an Auto Skill Centre in collaboration with Directorate of Sports & Youth Welfare, Govt of Madhya Pradesh, to maintain the ecosystem i.e. enhance employability and career for unemployed youth thereby creating skilled manpower for automotive industry and dealer network.

    The center will have state of the art automobile lab and residential hostel for students. The candidates of 18-26 years age group (new entrants to work force) will undergo a rigorous 3 months training course to qualify for ASDC- Automotive Service Technician Level 3 certification. The program enables the candidate to assists in service, maintenance and technical repair of vehicles and makes them industry ready. The centeris designed for 160 trainees per year @ 40 candidates per batch/quarter. Centre will have residential facilities.

    India has about 1 % of the world's vehicles but accounts for about 10 % of the World's road accidents. There are 1214 Road accidents every day, 1 road accident death every 4 minutes and 1287 injuries from road accidents every day. (Figures based on NCRB data and MORTH Road Accident Report 2014). India tops the list of most number of road accident deaths. Road accidents result to 3% loss of India's GDP. Studies and research indicate that road accidents occur mainly because of human negligence resulting in Speeding, Overloading, Drunken driving, Hit & run etc.

    Eicher is committed to the cause of road safety,it strongly believes that safe driving requires right attitude and skill of driving. Hence, Eicher Driver Training course has been structured to hone the driving skills through Driver Training Programs since 1998. These programs cover safety, right driving technique, and vehicle maintenance and fuel conservation along with soft skills orientation for the drivers. The training programs are fully interactive with high degree of Audio Visual content including classroom and practical sessions.

    We have designed a Driver's Manual in Hindi and other regional languages to make the understanding easier. Refresher Driver Training Programs are also conducted regularly at all our dealerships across the country covering about 40,000 drivers every year. In our program we have special session under vehicle maintenance. We discuss failures of typical components of the vehicle (piston, piston rings, water pump, clutch plate, gear box, clutch pressure plate and tyre failures etc.) resulting from poor maintenance and operations. Pollution control and its consequences are also covered.


    Low Cost Driver Training Institutes

    According to statistics by NSDC there is a requirement of additional 5.1 million drivers by 2022 in transportation industry. Full-fledged driver training institute model promoted by Central Government (Ministry of Road Transport and Highways) requires a minimum of 15 acres land in addition to capital investment of Rs. 17- 20 crores. Establishment of such institutes to develop fresh commercial drivers is big challenge due to huge investment, large land requirement and sustainability of institute.

    Eicher has come up with a unique concept of Low Cost Driver Training Institute after studying Singapore Safety Driver Training School and decided to start such training institutes in India. Through Industry- Institution tie-up with a one-time investment of Rs 50-52 lacs a low cost driver training institute can be operational. On 100% capacity utilization Institute produces 720 fresh drivers in addition to refresher trainings of existing drivers.

    The infrastructure is organized as under:

    Institution partner Eicher
    Building with class rooms, Training material
    Office-cum-faculty rooms, Content revision
    Dormitory accommodation System & procedures
    Furniture & fittings, training equipment , teaching aids and Office equipment Periodic audit
    Two used cars for practical training Light/Medium Duty Bus- 1
    Training faculty- 4 nos Heavy duty Truck- 1
    Day-to-day operation of DTI.  
    Rs 18-20 lac Rs 30-32 Lac


    Following driver training institutes have become operational in last one year, they are successfully providing pre and post licensing driver training programs:

    Location Institution Remark
    Latur (Maharashtra) Phoenix – Eicher Institute of Driver Training & Research MORTH has since sanctioned grant to convert the institute with full-fledged infrastructure with driving practice track and academy building & hostel on 15 acres land.
    Pune (Maharashtra) SAI – Eicher Institute of Driver Training & Research  
    Paralekha mandi (Odisha) Centurion University of Technology & Management (CUTM) – Eicher Institute of Driver Training & Research CUTM is NSDC award winner for skill development through vocational training.
    Koderma (Jharkhand) & Kolhapur (Maharashtra) PanIIT Alumni Reach For India Foundation (PARFI) – Eicher Institute of Driver Training& Research PARFI is NSDC award winner for skill development through vocational training.


    Driver Training Institutes at following locations will be operational in next 4 months:

    Location Institution
    Mumbai (Maharashtra) Western India Automobile Association
    Indore (MP) Safeducate Learning Pvt. Ltd.
    Jaipur (Rajasthan) Safeducate Learning Pvt. Ltd.
    Namakkal (Tamilnadu) NTC college of Engineering
    Raigarh (Chhattisgarh) O P Jindal Community College


    Eicher plans to add another 15 driver training institutes in 2016 and additional 30 driver training institutes by 2017 to its network. These54 institutes will train 12 lac drivers in next ten years out of which 10% will be women drivers for commercial vehicles.


    Road Safety Program

    Safe and responsible drivers are required to address road safety scenario in our country. Eicher road safety programs have been designed with the help of traffic experts integrating aspects associated with road safety. These programs are delivered by highly qualified trainers who have been trained to meet international standards. The in-depth knowledge and vast experience of trainers make these programs, highly effective and successful.

    Besides these driver specific programs, Eicher has undertaken many initiatives in its road safety mission to create awareness amongst public. Eicher actively participates in various Road Safety conferences and also sponsors National Road Safety Week where several activities like road safety education seminars, painting competition for children on subject of road safety etc. are organized.

    Apart from these, Eicher has developed many films to promote road safety, three of which have won prestigious global awards, they are:

    • Safe driving:- Won an award in the International Road Safety Film Festival, Delhi (2007)
    • Safe Transportation of Hazardous Goods:- Won an award in the Global Film festival on Road Safety, Paris (2008)
    • Pehla Qadam-Safe Roads, Safe Kids:- Won an award in the Global Film Festival on Road Safety, Marrakesh (2010)


    VE Commercial Vehicles launched a Nationwide Road Safety program across the country, wherein all drivers were trained at VE Commercial Vehicles dealerships & customer locations in different cities. Adequate emphasis has been given for mass media promotion of these programs so that it reaches the target audience.

    Eicher also conducts Road Safety Education programs for school children under its unique initiative called "Road Safety Champs – Safe Kids Today Good Citizen Tomorrow". This is delivered by expert trainers to teach students about road rules and regulations with road safety tips in a very interactive way.


    Fuel and Environment Conservation

    VE Commercial Vehicles Limited is the only Commercial Vehicle manufacturer in India who has extensively conducted fuel conservation training programme along with the Petroleum Conservation Research Association. This programme known as EFFECT - Eicher Fuel Efficiency Enhancement Training, educates the trainee on steps to conserve fuel and reduce atmospheric pollution. A user on an average has been able to save around 15% in fuel post the training programme. All drivers have been trained under this programme during last four years, and the endeavor is to conduct more of such training across India in the near future.

    Eicher has taken a unique initiative of Pro DESH (Driver Empowerment for Successful Hindustan), which will aim to:

    • Increasing loyalty and skills of the driver through a training program
    • Increasing the financial and social status of a driver
    • Providing good en-route resting facilities to drivers

    Program run in three phases:


    Pro Pilot

    Pro pilot is a program which aims at Mobilization, Training, Certification and Increasing Employability of a person, willing to pursue career in driving:

    • Mobilization of fresh candidates at Low Cost Driver Training Institute through a unique PPP approach, designed by Eicher. It uses government apparatus and institute's village representative's marketing systems for spreading awareness of the training courses and its benefits.
    • Training curriculum is designed as per the requirements of ASDC (Automotive Skills Development Council).
    • Evaluation of the candidates is organized through ASDC (Automotive Skills Development Council) approved assessment partner.
    • ASDC certification of candidatesis based on result of external assessment
    • Organizing convocation / graduation ceremony for the candidates passing from Eicher's Institutes.
    • Organizing career day for the passed out candidates, inviting employers at the campus and organizing a recruitment drive.


    Pro Lounge

    The program will aim at providing enroute facilities to commercial drivers; ensure secured parking, hygienic food on subsidized rates and a resting place with neat and clean bathroom facility. Driver's lounge will be constructed on highways at specific intervals alongside petrol pumps.



    Pro DESH films

    To motivate commercial drivers, successful stories of drivers will be shot and screened at driver training institutes and driver's villages. A documentary on testimonials of successful entrepreneur who started as a driver or conductor to be developed and screen among interested youth for motivating them to pursue driving profession.

    Eicher has developed a movie "Ab mutthi me hai aasmaan" showcasing hardship and challenges of an educated youth interested in driving profession and his journey from a driver to an entrepreneur. Movie has been developed in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Oriya and Marathi. This keeps drivers motivated and existing driver training institutes are utilizing the movie for their mobilization drives.


    Integrated Vision and Hearing Centers (IVH Centre)

    Along the Golden Quadrilateral Truck drivers in India have to travel long distances in their lifetime, on an extensive spread of National and State highways that range from well-engineered roads to a complete absence of concrete roads. Their occupation predisposes them to a multitude of risk factors such as prolonged sitting and motor vehicle driving, tight running schedules, reduced rest breaks, traffic congestion, and the sedentary nature of job and resultant physical, psychological and behavioral problems. It all affects their health status and safe driving.

    Hearing and Vision are two major faculties for safe driving which need to be addressed to enhance their ability towards road safety. There are various reasons behind poor health status among the truck and heavy vehicle drivers which includes;

    • Lack of awareness about vision acuity and hearing ability,
    • Inaccessibility to quality eye & ear care services due to economic barrier
    • Work style and habits

    There is an alarming need of providing eye as well as ear care needs to the drivers, as being a blind or deaf on roads can harm their life and livelihood affecting their families at the end.

    To ensure road safety and improve safe driving practices, EICHER under its CSR initiatives has decided to set up an Integrated Vision and Hearing (IVH) centerat Transport Nagar, Delhi (as pilot) in collaboration with Shroff Charitable Eye Hospital (Delhi) which will be replicated along the Golden Quadrilaterals (transport hubs) in next phase.

    The IVH center will provide for:

    • Comprehensive Eye and Ear Examination
    • Basic recognition of diseases (both eye and ear).
    • Referral services to near service providers
    • Spectacles dispensing
    • BP & Sugar testing

    IVH centers will contribute to improve vision acuity and hearing ability among the drivers, cleaners and other stakeholders thereby achieving better road safety and community welfare.