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VE Powertrain(VEPT)  is technologically the most advanced engine manufacturing plant in India where commercial production started in July 2013. The plant was set up by VECV at Pithampur, Madhya Pradesh, India with an initial capacity of 25,000 units per annum in Phase 1 at an investment of Rs 375 crores. The current capacity stands at 75,000 units which is scalable to 100,000 with additional investments.

VEPT is a global hub for meeting the medium-duty automotive engine requirements of Volvo Group globally for five- and eight-litre engines. The base engines for Euro VI requirement of Volvo Group are being supplied to their plant in Venissieux, France. The same platform has been adapted to Euro III to Euro V engines to cater to Volvo Group requirements globally and BS IV engine to meet VECV requirement. Further BSVI development is also completed and VEPT is ready to cater to new BS VI emission norms in India.

Some salient features of the manufacturing facility are:

State of the art technology - highest level of automation in Indian CV industry.

Machining cylinder block and cylinder head for 4 and 6 cylinder engines. In-process measurement for critical operations.

SPMs with work changer – a first time concept in India to minimize part change time in machining.

Engine assembly line designed for high diversity meeting European quality standards.

First time right manufacturing with In-Process verification and multiple tests before delivering engine to customer. 

AGVs for final assembly. Frugal engineering – developed in India, based on custom proto build. Hybrid concept with wireless charging equipped with safety features recommended by EU standards.  

Smart cell for cylinder head assembly. First to adopt concept in Volvo Group.

System enabled (Pull based) minimum material movement. Repacking under controlled environment.

Environment friendly dual cyclone waste collection system.