Press Release | January, 2023

Future Ready: Introducing New Technologies into Indian Trucking

  • Eicher Trucks and Buses launches new Non Stop Series of Heavy Duty Trucks
  • Ignites insightful conversation with CV industry leaders on making the Indian Trucking ‘future-ready’
  • Aligned with the government’s focus on safe, efficient and world class logistics

5th January 2023, Jaipur: Eicher Trucks & Buses, a business unit of VE Commercial Vehicles, launched its Non-Stop Series of Heavy Duty Trucks in Jaipur. The occasion brought together leaders of the commercial vehicles industry to discuss the development of logistics and transport in the future and builds on Eicher's legacy of pioneering 'Nayi Soch' (new perspectives) and advocating for fresh ideas in the Indian Truck Industry.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Vinod Aggarwal MD and CEO, VE Commercial Vehicles noted "The Indian logistics sector is undergoing a significant transformation supported by rapidly growing Indian economy and government focus on logistics efficiency, sustainability and safety. The Eicher’s Non-Stop Series of Heavy Duty Trucks are developed for this emerging environment. Backed by our near-to-customer service network, each Eicher truck is connected by telematics to our Industry -First Uptime Centre, that allows us to deliver remote and predictive services to customers."

At a session on Future Ready: Introducing new technologies in Indian Trucking, attended by leaders in logistics, industry veterans comprised Mr. Daulat Singhvi, Director, Skylite Logistics, Mr. Vikas Sharda, Owner-Director, Prem Sharda Goods Pvt Ltd, Mr. Rajeev Batra, CEO, TIVA (Tata International Vehicle Applications) and Mr. Ramesh Rajagopalan, EVP- Customer Service, Retail Excellence and Network Development discussed approaches to proactively approach the new era. The panel was moderated by Mr. Bhagwan K Bindiganavile, EVP, Strategic Planning, Brand and Communications, VECV, in the presence of Mr. Gagandeep Singh Gandhok, SVP Heavy Duty Trucks, VE Commercial Vehicles.

During the discussion, the panellists discussed the ongoing transformation in Indian Trucking, government’s strong focus on eliminating infrastructure limitations, inefficiencies in logistics, regulatory constraints, and the adoption of alternate fuels, telematics and intelligent fleet management solutions.

Setting the context for the panel discussion, Mr. Bhagwan K Bindiganavile, EVP, Strategic Initiatives, Brand and Communication, said, "Embracing innovation is not just a choice but a necessity for the fast-evolving commercial vehicle industry in India’s Amrit Kaal. It is appropriate to host this panel in Jaipur, the trail blazer for tractor-trailer transport in India. I am deeply grateful to this panel for sharing their approach to upcoming advancements and their shifting focus from low cost to value delivery."

Elaborating on the experience of integrating technology in his operations, Mr. Daulat Singhvi, Director, Skylite Logistics said, "Trucking industry contributes about 3.7% of GDP in India, but the reliance on diesel trucks has environmental consequences. It's clear that we need to shift to more environmentally friendly technologies like electric or hydrogen trucks. While progress is being made with electric trucks, challenges like limited mileage and expensive batteries persist. However, there's hope in hydrogen technologies, with various collaborations and experiments happening in India, promising a greener and more sustainable future."

Presenting his views on how more technology can be integrated into trucking, Mr. Vikas Sharda, Owner-Director, Prem Sharda Goods Pvt Ltd. said, "When it comes to our vehicles and operations, ensuring cybersecurity is crucial. It's not just about adopting technology; it's about choosing the right technology, the right concept, and the right idea. Technology can lead the way, but understanding how it works is key to success."

Sharing his learning experiences of including modern technologies in trailers and bodies to support the rapid professionalization of Indian Trucking, Mr. Rajeev Batra, CEO, of TIVA, added, "A few years back, we saw trailers simply as products, but times are changing. Now, we see trailers as essential partners to our vehicles, influencing their overall performance. We understand that in today’s scenario of transport, operating economics are very important. As trailer manufacturers, we are always working to improve their quality, reduce weight, and maximize uptime. We understand that in today's transport world, every load and every bit of efficiency matters."

Mr. Ramesh Rajagopalan, EVP- Customer Service, Retail Excellence and Network Development, VECV, concluded, "Logistics providers and fleet owners are operating under tight delivery commitments with their clients. This is leading to mindset shift where truck owners are now increasingly evaluating productivity, uptime and lifecycle value instead of initial purchase price. At Eicher, we were the first to introduce 100% connected vehicles supported by our industry-first Uptime Center and backed by The My Eicher app. With this infrastructure, we run AI based predictive analytics that ensure performance tracking, preventing accidents, and driver safety. Our connected ecosystem delves into driver behaviour and fleet management, ultimately delivering Uptime for our customers."

The seminar witnessed enthusiastic engagement from the panelists, alongside an energetic audience comprising fleet operators, transportation experts, entrepreneurs, and logistics leaders from Jaipur and surrounding cities.

Eicher Trucks & Buses was the first to recognize the increasing importance of maximizing fleet uptime through its 100% connected fleet and India’s first Uptime Centre in 2020, with 24X7 service support and remote diagnostics capabilities linked to its widely dispersed service network.

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