Vision & Mission


To be recognised as the industry leader driving modernization in commercial transportation in India and the developing world.


VECV aims to continuously improve transportation efficiency in India and developing markets, thereby reducing logistics costs for goods and people – leading to higher enablement of specialisation in manufacturing, agriculture and services, thereby increasing the nation's economic activity and productivity.


  • We choose to do this in a sustainable manner by having the safest, most durable and efficient products in the market;
  • We care for our customers holistically by offering not just trucks and buses, but also the best service and soft products to enable him to be most profitable;
  • We work with the driver community to enhance their productivity and overall working environment;
  • We ensure a level of quality and innovation that will continue to set standards in the commercial transportation industry;



We work with professionalism, passion and the greatest respect for all individuals.


Going Forward

VECV aims to emerge as an Industry leader in driving modernization in commercial vehicle transportation in India and the developing world by bring about improvement in transport efficiencies.

In the near course, VECV will strengthen each of its product brands as leaders in their respective segments through innovative products and expansion of its existing network spanning the geographical expanse of the country.